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Income tax preparation is never straightforward. Tax laws are complicated, and keeping up with new regulations and codes can be overwhelming. Stevans & Associates, PLLC is a Caring, Accessible, Knowledgeable, and Experienced firm that can help you to have your CAKE and file your taxes.

Our team is committed to helping individuals maximize their tax benefit and avoid confusion and problems down the road, especially for those individuals who also own small businesses, are settling an estate, or who are going through a divorce. We can help you to come up with a financial plan with tax law and your fiscal future in mind.

One of our specialties is handling accounting and tax complexities for real estate professionals. Over the years, we have helped everyone from owners of a single property to companies that own hundreds of units. The tax code and regulations are riddled with potholes and pitfalls that can demolish an uninformed real estate plan. Our professionals have dealt with almost every real estate issue imaginable and our clients have included “flippers”, landlords, real estate agents, property managers, developers, contractors, attorneys, insurance agents, bankers, and hard money lenders. We have built a network of real estate professionals who can handle any situation and help you achieve success in real estate.

Contact us to discuss the new tax laws and how they might affect your real estate plan. Code section §199A may apply to you, qualifying you for a 20% income deduction. New tax regulations are being developed and considered, and we have the experience with many tax codes that impact the real estate industry, including §263, §162, §199, §469, §743, §754, §1031, §1250, and §1411.

We can help you maximize your improvements and depreciation deductions.  We can help you make the correct elections to qualify for annual write-offs under §168, §179, and §263. The depreciation rules are complicated, but not as complex as the passive activity and real estate professional regulations. Let us help you avoid IRS issues and at the same time maximize your advantages and benefits.

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